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The Office for Mac 2016 Volume License Installer, Two Months Later

It is now over two months since Microsoft has made the Office for Mac 2016 Volume License installer available for customers in the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center) portal. I have previously documented a couple major issues with the installer that impact those who deploy Office 2016 using automated means (meaning anything that doesn’t involve […]

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MacSysAdmin Tools Smörgåsbord

The MacSysAdmin 2015 conference is taking place this week in Göteborg, Sweden. In a session titled MacSysAdmin Tools Smörgåsbord, I’ll be going through a selection of tools that I’ve either written or contributed to and which are available on my GitHub repo. Here you can find the various links to tools, posts, etc. that appear […]

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What’s Wrong with the Office 2016 Volume License Installer?

Office 2016 for Mac comes in an installer package that has been causing several issues for Mac sysadmins deploying it in their organizations. At least a couple posts exist already for how to “fix” the installer and deploy the software, but I haven’t seen anyone actually detail some of these issues publicly. The best way […]

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