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Keeping your OS X VM guest tools current with Munki

I use VMware Fusion to test client software, deployment workflows, and using virtual machines allows me to frequently take and roll back snapshots. Over time, the VMware guest OS tools tend to drift out of date with the version of Fusion, and are reported to need updates/reinstalling. Sometimes when this happens, things like pasteboard synchronization, […]

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More about suppressing diagnostics submissions popups in OS X Yosemite

With OS X Yosemite, Apple added an additional phase to the Setup Assistant: the offer to submit diagnostics info to Apple and third-party developers, which is displayed either as part of a initial setup or upon first login (similar to the iCloud prompt). Those who administer OS X clients typically look to disable such prompts […]

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MacTech Deployment Discussion/BOF/Q&A Notes

At MacTech Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, Graham Gilbert and myself conducted a discussion / birds-of-a-feather session on the broad topic of OS and software deployment for OS X and iOS. Allister Banks was present and dutifully took notes and reference URLs of specifics that were mentioned – solutions, blog posts, and other resources. We […]

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