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What’s Wrong with the Office 2016 Volume License Installer?

Office 2016 for Mac comes in an installer package that has been causing several issues for Mac sysadmins deploying it in their organizations. At least a couple posts exist already for how to “fix” the installer and deploy the software, but I haven’t seen anyone actually detail some of these issues publicly. The best way […]

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Disabling First-run Dialogs in Office 2016 for Mac

This post is part useful tidbit and part lesson in interacting with application preferences on OS X. Office 2016 for Mac presents “first run” dialogs to the user to market some of its new features. Sysadmins often want to find ways to disable these for certain scenarios. I actually think these are often helpful for […]

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Python For Mac Admins session resources

On June 18 and 19, I’ll be giving a talk at the MacDeploy and MacDevOpsYVR conferences, respectively in Calgary and Vancouver. The talk is a whirlwind introduction to “Python for Mac Admins” and is mostly based on code snippets and examples that I’ll be talking through in an interactive Python environment. If you’d like to […]

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