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Python For Mac Admins session resources

On June 18 and 19, I’ll be giving a talk at the MacDeploy and MacDevOpsYVR conferences, respectively in Calgary and Vancouver. The talk is a whirlwind introduction to “Python for Mac Admins” and is mostly based on code snippets and examples that I’ll be talking through in an interactive Python environment. If you’d like to […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment – Pushing Installers with Munki

We previously covered a few aspects of Adobe Creative Cloud from the perspective of deploying it to OS X clients. We spent the whole time dealing with the licensing aspects but never talked about the actual installers and updates. Adobe installers are spoiled There is a single option available to you for getting the installers: […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing and Deployment – Managing Licenses with Munki

Previously we covered some boring details about Adobe Creative Cloud licensing and how this impacts deploying it to managed clients. We also covered a process and script I came up with that makes it slightly less painful to package up device and serial licenses for distribution to clients. Now, how to we manage these in […]

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