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Deploying Xcode – The Trick With Accepting License Agreements

If you’ve ever gone through the process of automating Xcode installations, you’ve no doubt run across the issue of making sure that the license for Xcode and included SDKs has been accepted. An unlicensed Xcode looks like this on first launch, and asks for admin privileges: Or, try and run a command line utility and […]

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Easy Version Comparisons with Python

This is just a little taste of why sysadmins find Python so approachable. If you’ve managed systems for long enough, you’ve probably had a need to compare two versions of something. For example, you want to do one thing if a given application or package is less than 2.0, and another thing if it’s greater. […]

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The Office for Mac 2016 Volume License Installer, Two Months Later

It is now over two months since Microsoft has made the Office for Mac 2016 Volume License installer available for customers in the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center) portal. I have previously documented a couple major issues with the installer that impact those who deploy Office 2016 using automated means (meaning anything that doesn’t involve […]

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