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Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment: Packaging a License File

In the previous post, we covered the scenarios in which you might want to deploy a Creative Cloud device license or serial number separate from the actual applications, as a “License File Package”. Although the Creative Cloud Packager app supports this as a workflow, the problem is that it doesn’t help you out much with […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment – Overview

Adobe’s Creative Cloud licensing models add some new layers of complexity surrounding large-scale deployment in organizations. As I’ve been planning and testing our rollout in areas with managed, shared workstations I’m routinely uncovering new information, and the parts of this I think might be useful to others I will cover in several posts. There are […]

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Disabling updates in Acrobat Pro X: A case study in wasted effort

Adobe’s Acrobat family of products has been historically painful for IT to distribute and manage. While this article focuses on a simple management setting – suppressing update checks and notifications for all users – it’s an example of how configuring even the simplest, arguably most universally required management setting for an Acrobat-deploying IT department is […]

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