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Java 7 web plugin deployment: redux

The Oracle Java 7 JRE (a web plugin) began shipping last year, and has grown a small maze of clever mechanisms to maintain a schedule of checking for updates. It’s a sad tale of the misuse and abuse of launchd schedule re-writes and re-loads, the Sparkle Framework, storing Java properties-like prefs in OS X defaults, […]

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Java 7: How not to use launchd for your app

The Oracle Java 7 package contains launchd items to support its Sparkle-based background update check app that I complained about previously. In this post we’ll go through its logic exhaustively and use it as an example of how to not deploy a LaunchAgent, and issues when trying clever things in LaunchDaemon scripts. For some, there […]

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Everything you’ll wish you didn’t know about disabling Java 7 updates

Oracle’s Java 7 JRE for OS X was first officially released in October 2012. As expected, there have been issues deploying and testing it, amidst confusion about Apple’s Java 6 updates and it disabling symlinks to the web plugin, the pre-emptive disabling of Java with XProtect, and more. And of course, the first thing administrators […]

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