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Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment – Pushing Installers with Munki

We previously covered a few aspects of Adobe Creative Cloud from the perspective of deploying it to OS X clients. We spent the whole time dealing with the licensing aspects but never talked about the actual installers and updates. Adobe installers are spoiled There is a single option available to you for getting the installers: […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing and Deployment – Managing Licenses with Munki

Previously we covered some boring details about Adobe Creative Cloud licensing and how this impacts deploying it to managed clients. We also covered a process and script I came up with that makes it slightly less painful to package up device and serial licenses for distribution to clients. Now, how to we manage these in […]

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Keeping your OS X VM guest tools current with Munki

I use VMware Fusion to test client software, deployment workflows, and using virtual machines allows me to frequently take and roll back snapshots. Over time, the VMware guest OS tools tend to drift out of date with the version of Fusion, and are reported to need updates/reinstalling. Sometimes when this happens, things like pasteboard synchronization, […]

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