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Disabling First-run Dialogs in Office 2016 for Mac

This post is part useful tidbit and part lesson in interacting with application preferences on OS X. Office 2016 for Mac presents “first run” dialogs to the user to market some of its new features. Sysadmins often want to find ways to disable these for certain scenarios. I actually think these are often helpful for […]

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Modifying the TCC database

Mountain Lion introduced a new iOS-like feature to allow users to be notified when an application requests access to that user’s contacts: …and to be able to modify this access later: Why does Final Cut Pro 7 want to access contacts? Final Cut Pro 7 introduced a feature that uses iChat (which doesn’t even really […]

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Disabling updates in Acrobat Pro X: A case study in wasted effort

Adobe’s Acrobat family of products has been historically painful for IT to distribute and manage. While this article focuses on a simple management setting – suppressing update checks and notifications for all users – it’s an example of how configuring even the simplest, arguably most universally required management setting for an Acrobat-deploying IT department is […]

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