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Easy Version Comparisons with Python

This is just a little taste of why sysadmins find Python so approachable. If you’ve managed systems for long enough, you’ve probably had a need to compare two versions of something. For example, you want to do one thing if a given application or package is less than 2.0, and another thing if it’s greater. […]

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Python For Mac Admins session resources

On June 18 and 19, I’ll be giving a talk at the MacDeploy and MacDevOpsYVR conferences, respectively in Calgary and Vancouver. The talk is a whirlwind introduction to “Python for Mac Admins” and is mostly based on code snippets and examples that I’ll be talking through in an interactive Python environment. If you’d like to […]

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Building native extensions since LLVM 5.1

With LLVM / clang 5.1, Apple introduced a change where any unrecognized command option causes a hard failure. Unfortunately, there are many packages in the Python package index that have not yet adapted to this change when building on OS X and include unsupported flags (in my experience it’s usually been -mno-fused-madd). I first started […]

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