Mac Operations

My name is Tim Sutton - Mac Operations is a technical blog dedicated to topics in systems administration, mostly in the context of macOS. Frequent topics include installers and packaging, automation tooling, software and OS deployment, Xcode and Apple’s command line tools, Python, Munki.

Some projects and tools I’ve worked on can be found on GitHub, and conference session videos/slides here. I’m on Twitter and e-mail.

Thanks to the software that powers this blog: Hugo (version 0.103.1) and the Kiko Jekyll theme, which has been modified and ported to Hugo. The source for this site can be found here.

This site ties into Disqus on some of the posts, however I’m generally not using it going forward and will likely retire it. Disqus does use Google Analytics, however I don’t use Google Analytics on this site, so any usage of GA is via Disqus.