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MacSysAdmin Tools Smörgåsbord

The MacSysAdmin 2015 conference is taking place this week in Göteborg, Sweden. In a session titled MacSysAdmin Tools Smörgåsbord, I’ll be going through a selection of tools that I’ve either written or contributed to and which are available on my GitHub repo.

Folkets Hus

Theatre entrance to the Folkets Hus. CC Image courtesy of Metro Centric on Flickr.

Here you can find the various links to tools, posts, etc. that appear in the session slides.

Update: The slides and videos from all conference sessions have all been posted here. Thanks again to Tycho and Patrik for their work organizing the conference and releasing these materials for all to enjoy.

Configuration Profiles

Coping with Adobe Creative Apps Deployment



Homebrew stuff

OS Install Automation




Lots more!

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